Spring Oaks 2013 Teacher of the Year - April Tavilson

April Tavilson
Spring Oaks Middle School
Science, Pre-Advanced Placement and Academic, Grades 7-8

Education: University of Houston, Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, 2008

Teaching History: Spring Oaks Middle School, Science, 2008-Present

In her own words: “Any and all of my colleagues across our nation can tell you that being a teacher comes with tremendous burdens, but with that we can also reap amazing rewards in witnessing the growth and success of young people in our nation. For me, teaching feeds my soul, keeps me energized and never bores me as new challenges always rise before me.”

In the words of others: “Ms. Tavilson came to us five years ago as newly certified science teacher and began teaching from the first day like a seasoned veteran, but with an approach that was all her own. I remember evaluating her instruction that first year and wasn’t sure what to make of it because it was so nontraditional. I soon realized that she was just a few years ahead of the rest of us and that she was just implementing the 21st century style of instruction that national leaders in education had been promoting. That is – creative lessons, collaborative learning, integrated technology, and so on. It just took a few more years for the rest of us to fully understand and catch up.”

“If you visit Ms. Tavilson’s classes, you will never see the same thing twice. Most of the work is set up in a problem-based learning format where she is the facilitatior. You will see very little direct teaching, but students will be working collaboratively in groups.” Spring Oaks Middle School Principal David Sablatura, Ed.D.

Selected Honors, Awards and Activities:
New Teacher Mentor
Edmodo Campus Follow-up Training Lead, 2011
Partnering Pilot Teacher, Spring Oaks Middle School, 2011


Spring Branch ISD