Pine Shadows 2013 Teacher of the Year - Jamie Rusch

Jamie Rusch
Pine Shadows Elementary
Health Fitness Specialist

Education: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Bachelor of Science in Education Health and Human Performance, 2007, University of Wisconsin-Rock County, Freshman/Sophomore Courses, 2004-2005

Teaching History: Pine Shadows Elementary School, Health Fitness Specialist (K-5), 2011-Present

In her own words: “As far as rewards are concerned, I get them every day. I am rewarded with a smile, a hug, a bright-eyed look when a student finally understands a concept, knowing that I am making a difference in each child’s life.”

“What makes me an outstanding teacher is probably not my perfect lesson plan, or the fact that my objectives are clearly written on the board. It is the time that I take out to get to know my students. I build relationships, have conversations and involve myself in their lives and their community. I spend time after school, on weekends, and in the summers. I listen to them when they have a concern, and I am an example of what I teach.”

In the words of others: “Jamie is a problem solver, an innovator, and a dynamic member of our staff. Her enthusiasm, love and passion for health fitness and our students have hardly a rival in our district, and I know we have amazing teachers.” Aida Interiano, Pine Shadows Elementary Assistant Principal

“She is a wonderful role model to her students as they make healthy choices which will impact the rest of their lives. ‘Girls on the Run’ is one of the programs she has brought to our district. After seeing the difference in the lives of the girls in her program at Pine Shadows, other campuses adopted the program.” Becky Hagan, Woodview Elementary Assistant Principal

“Jamie is the teacher a parent would hand select to instruct his or her child. There are those who teach and those who are born to teach. Jamie was born to teach. Her gift of teaching is shared with every child in her classroom.” Elaine Hearn, SBISD Administrative Assistant

“When I begin to write on the topic of Jamie’s leadership, the words ‘inspiring,’ ‘visionary,’ ‘gifted’ and ‘compassionate’ all come to mind. She checks ‘her ego’ at the door and leads with her heart and soul…Jamie Rusch is blessed with the gift of educating, and she chooses to share this gift with all of us to bless our life and the future of our children.” Rebecca Fuchs, SBISD Director of Student Wellness

Selected Honors, Awards & Activities:
President-elect, Spring Branch Health Fitness Teachers Association, 2012-2013
Vice President, Spring Branch Health Fitness Teachers Association, 2011-2012
Head Coach, Girls on the Run, 2011-Current
Marty Urand “Rookie of the Year”, Spring Branch Health Fitness Teachers Association, 2011-2012
Curriculum Writer, Spring Branch Health Fitness Department, 2012-2013


Spring Branch ISD