Guthrie Center 2013 Teacher of the Year - Tina Miller

Tina Miller
The Guthrie Center
Internship Coordinator, Career & Technical Education, Grades 11-12

Education: Concordia University, Masters in Educational Leadership & Management, 2013, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sciences, 2003, North Harris Community College, Associate Degree in Applied Sciences, 2002, University of Houston, Alternative Teacher Certification

Teaching History: The Guthrie Center, Internship Coordinator, Career & Technical Education, 2000-2014

In her own words: “Every day as an Internship Coordinator, I have the pleasure of connecting high school juniors and seniors with businesses that are interested in young people’s lives and futures through applicable trainings in an employment setting. An internship is a highly effective way to spark a young person’s interest about their future and set them in motion to achieve their goals. I believe making education relevant to what the learner desires to learn is critically important for successful learning.”

“I have seen that learning from a real-world perspective is a fundamental key towards a technical certification, a two-year degree or a four-year degree.”

In the words of others: “She takes a personal interest in each and every student. She does not hesitate to challenge them and requires that they live up to her extremely high standards. I recall one of her former students that came back to visit her. When she realized that he was not living up to his potential, she gently but firmly assisted him in making a plan to accomplish a goal that would be in line with his many gifts. She follows her students and keeps in touch even after they have graduated. They are better human beings as a result of having Ms. Miller as their teacher.”

“The training and knowledge that she instills in her students benefits them their entire life. I have heard many of our business partners speak about the amazing skills her student interns come to them possessing. One international company even exclaimed that her high school students were better prepared than any of the college interns.” Sue Loudis, Partnerships & Volunteer Programs Coordinator


Spring Branch ISD