Hollibrook Elementary 2014 Teacher of the Year - Melina Galeana

Melina Galeana
Hollibrook Elementary School

University of Houston – Downtown, Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, 2006
Region IV, Houston, July 2006

Teaching History
Hollibrook Elementary School, Spring Branch ISD, 2006-2014

Eight years total of teaching experience

In her own words…

“Growing up in the same neighborhood as my students, teaching in the school where I went as a child has given me the greater satisfaction. Knowing that I can make a difference in a child’s life by simply sharing my story, that if I lived similar difficulties that they face today they too can look forward to a brighter future. There is no greater reward than that.”

In the words of others . . .

“Ms. Galeana is a kindergarten teacher that I have had the opportunity to work with for eight years at Hollibrook Elementary. . .  She is searching for different methods to bring out the best in best in each child she serves.”
  Alma Romero, Special Education Teacher, Hollibrook Elementary

“Melina . . . is currently the team leader for kindergarten, leading the teachers in planning and developing lessons. She has volunteered to supervise student teachers from the University of Houston. She helps them develop lessons and works with them to develop and strengthen their teaching skills. She is a passionate and dedicated teacher who sees no obstacle, only challenges. She truly does ‘whatever it takes’ to make students successful.”
  Stephanie Pitre, Assistant Principal, Hollibrook Elementary

Selected Honors, Awards & Activities:
Kindergarten Team Leader, Hollibrook Elementary, 2013-2014
New Teacher Mentor, Hollibrook Elementary, 2012-2014
Student Teacher Mentor, Hollibrook Elementary, Spring 2010
PTA Secretary, Hollibrook Elementary, 2010-2011


Spring Branch ISD