Campus Teacher of the Year 2016 - Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson
First Grade
7th Grade, Language Arts and Social Studies


Texas Teacher’s Alternative Certification Program, 2008
Bachelor in Education degree in Community Health, Texas A&M University at College Station, 1995 

Teaching History
Hunters Creek Elementary, 2014-Present
Meadow Wood Elementary, 2008-2014

Total Years in Education - 8 Years

In her own words . . .

“Teaching is the most challenging job I have ever done, and I love it! I love the challenges that come from learning about each student. I use my data to first see what they can do and target areas for growth. I am constantly reviewing work to see where re-teaching or acceleration is needed, while being mindful that their time is valuable and learning needs to be relevant to their lives.”

In the words of others . . .

“I think the thing that really puts Ashley over the top as a great teacher is her compassion for her students. She understands that she is teaching the whole child—and sometimes teaching their parents as well. As I sit with her in parent conferences, she is able to relate very disconcerting news about lack of progress to parents in a way that sounds positive and hopeful. She is able to help parents understand about how to help their child learn at home. She is also quick to ensure that parents see the strengths in their children.” 

Robye Snyder, Hunters Creek Elementary Principal 

“Ashley is adored by parents, respected by co-workers and valued in the community. She motivates and inspires everyone around her to be better—better students, better parents, better teacher, and better people. I have taught for six years in three different states, and in four different schools, and I can confidently say that Ashely Johnson is the best teacher that I have ever known.”
Arleigh Andrews, Hunters Creek Elementary Teacher


Spring Branch ISD