Campus Teacher of the Year 2016 - Jyusef Larry

Jyusef Larry
Memorial High School
9th through 12th Grades, Career and Technology and Technology Applications
Girls’ Basketball Coach

Masters of Business Administration, Harding University, Searcy, Arizona, 2002
Bachelor of Business Administration and Business Management, Harding University

Teaching History
Memorial High School, 2005-Present
Westbury Christian School, 2003-2005

Total Years in Education - 13 Years

In his own words . . .

“Teaching is a very rewarding profession. I especially love when I have a kid freshman year, and then they show up in my class three years later. It’s so much fun to watch them mature. Being a coach, I get to see the process play out multiple times a year. It allows me the ability to appreciate the process of teaching the way some teachers who are only in the classroom never get to see.”

In the words of others . . .

“Mr. Larry understands that an extraordinary teacher has to put in a little extra work, and a little extra time after school. Jyusef is always looking for new and improved ways to educate his students. He is not afraid to try new techniques or programs, or simply ask questions so that he can help them out.” 

Newman Davis Lay, Memorial High School Teacher and Coach


Spring Branch ISD