Campus Teacher of the Year 2016 - Gretchen Nyberg

Gretchen Nyberg
Northbrook Middle School
7th Grade, Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Middle School Education, Baylor University, 2012

Teaching History
Northbrook Middle School, 2012-Present

Total Years in Education - 4 Years

In her own words . . .

“I am pleased to say that working with the students at Northbrook Middle School has made me a better teacher. Every day, I am challenged to create lessons to meet their needs, because I know every student can learn whether they have been in this country for a few weeks or a few years.”

In the words of others . . .

“Gretchen has worked hard to become the best educator she can possibly be. She continually seeks different methods and strategies for reaching every child in her classroom exactly where they are at that moment. Her caring and loving spirit helps students understand that in her room they are capable to explore, ask questions, and dare to try new things.” 

Lesli Brown, Spring Oaks Middle Interdisciplinary i-Coach

“Let me tell you about Gretchen Nyberg: She is the teacher that I would have loved to have as a student and one that I would fight for my children to have for math. Although she has only been a teacher for four years, you would swear she was a 10-year classroom veteran.”
Tracey Reap, Northbrook Middle School Assistant Principal


Spring Branch ISD