Campus Elementary 2016 Teacher of the Year Finalist - Stephanie Walton

Stephanie Walton
Wilchester Elementary
Kindergarten through 5th Grade - Art


Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts Interior Design and Art Education, University of Houston, 2001
Wilchester Elementary, 2014-Present
Northbrook Middle School, 2001-2014

Teaching History

Wilchester Elementary, 2014-Present
Northbrook Middle School, 2001-2014

Total Years in Education - 15 Years

In her own words . . .

“What truly motivates me is to hear or see the moment a student gets it, no matter their age. A student that comes back to me the next day, the next year, or even years from when I had them, who tell me, ‘Do you remember teaching me XYZ?’ or ‘Look! I’ve figured out how to do it this way.’ Or, simply. . . ‘Your class made a difference.’”

In the words of others . . .

“What impresses me most about Mrs. Walton is her resolute commitment to being a lifelong learner and adjusting directly to our kid’s strengths and interests in the classroom. One example that comes to mind is how she entirely changed the theme of one of third-grader’s project to engage a reluctant student who was interested in dragons.”

Rian Evans, Wilchester Elementary Principal

“Stephanie has the gift of golden touch when it comes to engaging young students to learn. With her personality and teaching skills, Stephanie’s young art students know when it’s time to focus and to concentrate because smart art making requires thinking! Stephanie clearly fosters a warm and friendly environment, often taking the lead in school-wide initiatives and projects that involve team building.”

Joanne Frimel, Art Specialist

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