Campus Elementary Teacher of the Year - Estefana Maria Limas

Estefana Maria Limas
The Lion Lane School for Early Learning
Prekindergarten, 2014-Present

University of Phoenix, Bachelor in Business Management, 2000

Teaching History
Years in Spring Branch ISD, 14 years
The Lion Lane School for Early Learning, Prekindergarten, 2014-Present
The Tiger Trail School for Early Learning, Prekindergarten, 2012-2014

Total Years in Education - 3 years

In her own words . . .

“My motivating factor for being a teacher is having the opportunity to be part of the journey that will help build the future of a child. The moments that inspire me are those of student achievement whether from mastering writing a name to learning to socialize and be respectful to peers, as well as just showing students love and affection.”

In the words of others . . .

“Estefana is always looking for new ways to challenge and meet the needs of every student that walks through her doorway. She is always able to create a successful learning environment allowing all of her students to feel safe and successful.” 
- Dana Dale, Lion Lane School for Early Learning Assistant Director

“Estefana has a wonderful relationship with her parents. She uses technology to share what is going on in class by sending parents pictures and text. This has been a pleasure for my family to be included in each day. Parents really appreciate pictures of their child at school or a short note about their successes.” 
- Sharee Cantrell, Lion Lane School for Early Learning Director


Spring Branch ISD