Campus Elementary Teacher of the Year - Felipe Acosta

Felipe Acosta
Treasure Forest Elementary
3rd Grade - Bilingual Self-Contained

University of St. Thomas Alternative Certification Program Region IV, 2003
Externado de Colombia University, Bachelor of Science in Economics, 2002

Teaching History
Treasure Forest Elementary, 3rd Grade Bilingual Self-Contained, 2011-Present
Treasure Forest Elementary, 4th Grade Bilingual Self-Contained, 2009-11
Edgewood Elementary, 3rd Grade Bilingual Self-Contained, 2004-09
Landis Elementary, Alief ISD, 2nd Grade Bilingual Self-Contained, 2003-04
Certifications: Bilingual Generalist Early Childhood through Fourth Grade

Total Years in Education - 12 years

In his own words . . .

“My philosophy of teaching has been to focus on inspiring students from any background or ethnicity to become future leaders and entrepreneurs, nation builders. Building bridges of trust with my students and parents, by opening channels of positive communication in order to create systems of support to be able to increase student achievement. . . . Planting seeds of leadership in individuals who can apply a set of skills with values like tolerance, forgiveness and humility to lead our nation.”

In the words of others . . .

“Felipe is quite creative. He is always working on different projects with literacy and technology that excite his students. He works tirelessly to find the strategies, books and resources that his students find engaging. His room is child centered. When you walk in his classroom, you can see that the students take great pride in making this place a home away from home. It is a very inviting and calming environment.” 
- Maureen Ucles, Treasure Forest Elementary Lead iCoach

“Felipe is deeply dedicated to all children, not solely those within his classroom. He has nurtured third- and fourth-grade students in all core subjects, but most amazing is his creative ability to ignite and excite a deep desire within his students to explore, discover, learn and express their cross-curricular understandings.”
- Kathleen Perry, Treasure Forest Elementary teacher

“While remaining current with the latest instructional strategies and technologies, he can still reach a troubled or struggling student with simple, yet profound, caring instincts and empathy coupled with complete professionalism. Likewise, he also challenges his brightest of students because of professional development experiences and innovations he has pursued.

Felipe has a calling on his life, and that calling is teaching. He teaches his students to strive for excellence, to love reading, and to respect each other, to wear a smile, to have faith, and to remember that the storms of life can often produce beautiful rainbows and new growth.”
- Blanca Reyes, Treasure Forest Elementary Principal


Spring Branch ISD