Campus Elementary Teacher of the Year - Elsie Contreras

Elsie Contreras
Panda Path School for Early Learning
Prekindergarten - Bilingual Teacher, 2013-Present

University of Houston, Bachelor of Science, Teaching & Learning, 2012

Teaching History
Panda Path School for Early Learning, Prekindergarten, 2013-Present
Nottingham Elementary, Long-Term Substitute, Winter/Spring, 2013

Total Years in Education - 2 years

In her own words . . .

“I knew that this profession wasn’t going to be easy, but I also didn’t know how much I would love it. I love seeing the efforts my students put forth each and every day. I also love all of the love I receive from my little ones. The hugs, drawings and treats are endless, but the best part of being a teacher is seeing the students’ growth throughout the year. They start with so little, and they leave with so much!”

In the words of others . . .

“Elsie is an extraordinary teacher. She has a positive work ethic, engaging and creative teaching methods, organized classroom management skills and loving arms with a smile always on her face. Her positive attitude makes being part of her team an honor. ” 
- Omayra Hernandez, Panda Path School for Early Learning Teacher

“Her positive attitude and creativity make her classroom a fun and exciting place to learn. This year, her classroom provided students many different opportunities to role play. For a time, it was a coffee shop where students got to be the customers or servers. Then it became a pizza parlor where students ‘cooked,’ served and ate pizza. The latest transformation was into a barn yard where students can be farmers and take care of animals . . . In Ms. Contreras class, learning and having fun go together. ” 
- Sara Hannes, Panda Path School for Early Learning Director


Spring Branch ISD