Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Katrina Briggins Stanfill

Katrina Briggins Stanfill
Spring Forest Middle School
7th Grade - Language Arts

St. Leo University, St. Leo, Fla., Bachelor of Business Management, 2001

Teaching History
Spring Forest Middle School, 6-8th Grade Language Arts, 2004-Present

Total Years in Education - 11 years

In her own words . . .

“I am inspired to teach by the students who think they can’t learn or who think they aren’t smart. I believe in second, third, and sometimes fourth chances because succeeding isn’t how fast you can accomplish something, but it is because you continue trying to accomplish something.”

In the words of others . . .

“Ms. Briggins-Stanfill is a perfect embodiment of ‘true grit’ in that her true excellence as a learner and instructional leader begins once the first obstacle is presented. She [does] what’s best for students.”
- Curtis George, Spring Forest Middle School

“Ms. Briggins-Stanfill continuously remains very optimistic as she diligently strives to meet the individual needs of each one of her students, holds kids at the very heart of all that she does, and [builds] on the strengths and gifts of every pupil in her classroom.”
- Bryan T. Taulton, Spring Forest Middle School Assistant Principal


Spring Branch ISD