Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - SaMone Ballard

SaMone Ballard
Pine Shadows Elementary
2nd Grade - English as a Second Language (ESL)/Mainstream

University of Texas at Austin, Dual Concentration Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Social Work, 2012

Teaching History
Pine Shadows Elementary, 2nd Grade ESL, 2014-Present

Other Related Experience:
Piney Point Elementary, 5th Grade, Summer 2014
Houston Can Academy, 9th Grade Academic Advisor/Teacher’s Aide, 2012-13
Hastings High School, Grades 9-12, Tutor, Fall Semester, 2012

Total Years in Education - 1 Year

In her own words . . .

“I want to always ensure that anyone who resembles me or my socioeconomic background has an equal opportunity of advancing themselves and their community.”

In the words of others . . .

“SaMone epitomizes the role of classroom teacher. She started her year back in August by visiting the home or every child in her second-grade class. Her parents brag on her that she works very hard to inspire, motivate and educate her students.”
- Joyce Olson, Pine Shadows Elementary Principal

“She is, by far, the best teacher any of my children have ever had. I have been impressed by her dedication to her students and commitment to parents. From the first day of school, she has voiced her objective to bring her students where they should be by the first semester, and then prepare them for future grades in the second semester.”
- Monica Tlass, Pine Shadows Parent

“I can honestly say that SaMone Ballard is one of the most tenacious people I have ever met. . . . She has transformed her classroom into an environment where excellence is the goal and every student’s success is the main priority.”
- Miranda Wilson, Second Grade, Pine Shadows Elementary


Spring Branch ISD