Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez
Spring Branch Elementary
5th Grade - Bilingual Language Arts and Social Studies/Team Leader

Florida International University, Miami, Fla., Bachelor of Science in Education, 2005

Teaching History
Spring Branch Elementary, 5th Grade Bilingual, 2013-Present
Beckendorff Junior High, Katy ISD, Spanish for High School Credit Teacher, 2007-11
R.R. Moton Elementary, Miami, Fla., K-5 Spanish as a Second Language Teacher, 2006-07
Marjorie Stoneman Elementary, Miami, Fla., 4th Grade Bilingual Student Teacher, 2005-06
Carlos J. Finlay Elementary, Miami, Fla., America Reads Tutor, 2003-05

Total Years in Education - 8 Years

In her own words . . .

“As a teacher, I have been blessed with the opportunity to touch the lives of many children. I see a teaching career as the hardest, most rewarding experience anyone can have. My students are my everyday inspiration. They come to school every day carrying the adverse circumstances that they live in, circumstances that no child should have the burden to carry, and yet they put their best foot forward and try to find in school everything they need and lack. So, I feel most obligated to help each and every one of them reach their potential and to inspire in them a love for learning and life – just like they inspire me every day!”


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Kimberly Muske

Kimberly Muske
Shadow Oaks Elementary
5th Grade

Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with minor in History, May 2001
Region IV Alternative Teacher Certification, Spring 2005
University of St. Thomas, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, December 2012

Teaching History
Shadow Oaks Elementary, 5th Grade, 2007-Present

Total Years in Education - 8 ½ years upon the completion of this year

In her own words . . .

“My biggest motivator is when students tell me that they understand something, or that they ‘get it’ after I teach a lesson. It is also motivating when students tell you they don’t want to stop the lesson when we need to transition to the next task for the day. Students who tell me they love math and science this year also inspire me to create lessons that I know they will not only learn from, but that they will enjoy.”

In the words of others . . .

“On any given day, you will find Ms. Muske in her classroom very early in the morning preparing her lessons and working long into the afternoon hours tutoring students, mentoring colleagues and student teachers, or sponsoring student clubs. Come to Shadow Oaks on the weekend and you will find her time to our students at our Super Cool Saturday School.”
- Julie Baggerly, Shadow Oaks Elementary Principal

“Ms. Muske is compassionate and nurturing. She was there for my son when he doubted himself. Now, she is there for my daughter. She is an advocate for her students, always aware of what is going on in her classroom because she is so involved with her students.”
- Ida Gibson, Shadow Oaks Elementary Parent

“During her Thanksgiving Break and the weekends leading up to the Winter Break, Kimberly spent time making a pillow for each of her 43 students. This gave them the message that she really does care about every single one of them.”
- Anne Marie Thomeer, 5th Grade ESL, Shadow Oaks Elementary


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Rita Davidek

Rita Davidek
Ridgecrest Elementary
1st Grade - All Subjects

Texas A&M University at College Station, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, 1985

Teaching History
Ridgecrest Elementary, 1st Grade, 2013-Present
Pine Shadows Elementary, 1st Grade, 1986-2013
Terrace Elementary, 1st Grade, 1985-86

Total Years in Education - 30 Years

In her own words . . .

“Teaching is not just about curriculum, TEKS and tests. My goal each day is to motivate students to be the best version of themselves. The parts of teaching that inspire me are those little moments each day that, with a bit of encouragement, the students feel success.”

In the words of others . . .

“Mrs. Davidek is a veteran teacher who continues to search for innovation in meeting the needs of her students. She creates a culture in her classroom where all of her students can learn and show growth. As a first-grade teacher, she is instrumental in teaching her students to read and love reading.”
- Patricia Thomas, Ridgecrest Elementary School Principal

“Rita demonstrates qualities of a master teacher. She understands that a one-size-fits-all delivery system does not work best for diverse student populations. While planning for learning, Mrs. Davidek differentiates her lessons to address all of her student’s academic, cultural and emotional needs.”
- Steven Speyrer, Ridgecrest Elementary Associate Principal


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - SaMone Ballard

SaMone Ballard
Pine Shadows Elementary
2nd Grade - English as a Second Language (ESL)/Mainstream

University of Texas at Austin, Dual Concentration Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Social Work, 2012

Teaching History
Pine Shadows Elementary, 2nd Grade ESL, 2014-Present

Other Related Experience:
Piney Point Elementary, 5th Grade, Summer 2014
Houston Can Academy, 9th Grade Academic Advisor/Teacher’s Aide, 2012-13
Hastings High School, Grades 9-12, Tutor, Fall Semester, 2012

Total Years in Education - 1 Year

In her own words . . .

“I want to always ensure that anyone who resembles me or my socioeconomic background has an equal opportunity of advancing themselves and their community.”

In the words of others . . .

“SaMone epitomizes the role of classroom teacher. She started her year back in August by visiting the home or every child in her second-grade class. Her parents brag on her that she works very hard to inspire, motivate and educate her students.”
- Joyce Olson, Pine Shadows Elementary Principal

“She is, by far, the best teacher any of my children have ever had. I have been impressed by her dedication to her students and commitment to parents. From the first day of school, she has voiced her objective to bring her students where they should be by the first semester, and then prepare them for future grades in the second semester.”
- Monica Tlass, Pine Shadows Parent

“I can honestly say that SaMone Ballard is one of the most tenacious people I have ever met. . . . She has transformed her classroom into an environment where excellence is the goal and every student’s success is the main priority.”
- Miranda Wilson, Second Grade, Pine Shadows Elementary


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Katrina Briggins Stanfill

Katrina Briggins Stanfill
Spring Forest Middle School
7th Grade - Language Arts

St. Leo University, St. Leo, Fla., Bachelor of Business Management, 2001

Teaching History
Spring Forest Middle School, 6-8th Grade Language Arts, 2004-Present

Total Years in Education - 11 years

In her own words . . .

“I am inspired to teach by the students who think they can’t learn or who think they aren’t smart. I believe in second, third, and sometimes fourth chances because succeeding isn’t how fast you can accomplish something, but it is because you continue trying to accomplish something.”

In the words of others . . .

“Ms. Briggins-Stanfill is a perfect embodiment of ‘true grit’ in that her true excellence as a learner and instructional leader begins once the first obstacle is presented. She [does] what’s best for students.”
- Curtis George, Spring Forest Middle School

“Ms. Briggins-Stanfill continuously remains very optimistic as she diligently strives to meet the individual needs of each one of her students, holds kids at the very heart of all that she does, and [builds] on the strengths and gifts of every pupil in her classroom.”
- Bryan T. Taulton, Spring Forest Middle School Assistant Principal


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Ashley Westhaver

Ashley Westhaver
Northbrook Middle School
8th Grade - Science

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., Master of Science in Educational Leadership, 2015
California State University, Chico, Calif., Bachelor Science in Animal Science

Teaching History
Northbrook Middle School, 7th-8th Grade Science, 2013-Present

Total Years in Education - 2 years

In her own words . . .

“Nelson Mandela is quoted as saying, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As an eighth-grade teacher, my students are on the brink of entering their adult lives, yet still young enough to have their path altered by a transformational education. . . . I am thankful for every day I get to spend with them because it marks another opportunity to equip my students with the tools they will need to make it to and through college.”

In the words of others . . .

“Her students will tell you that ‘Mrs. Westhaver is my favorite teacher because she wants me to do the work and be successful.’ This high compliment tells me that students feel accepted. They know she cares and will always help them.”
- Lesli Brown, Interdisciplinary Instructional Coach

“Ashley is among the top performing teachers that I have had a chance to work with. Not only are her students reaching top results inside and outside of the classroom, but she is the ultimate professional who has taken leadership roles at her school and within our Teach for America community.”
- Stephanie Taylor, Teacher Leadership Development Director, Teach for America-Houston


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Elisa Barry

Elisa Barry
Spring Branch Middle School
6th Grade - Art and Pre-AP Advanced 8th Grade Art

Rice University, AP Art Certification
University of North Texas, Bachelor of Fine Arts
Certifications: Art, All-Levels; Social Studies, Grades 5-8

Teaching History
Spring Branch Middle School, Art, Texas/U.S. History, Library Assistant, 2006-Present
Alvin ISD, Elementary and High School Art, 2002-05 and 1989-99
Bryan ISD, Elementary Art, 2001-02

Total Years in Education - 23 years

In her own words . . .

“My students motivate me! Watching my students work through the creative process inspires me. I look forward to spending each day with them and watching them problem solve and become independent learners!”

In the words of others . . .

“Positive, creative, collaborative, student-centered, professional and energetic are adjectives which describe Elisa. . . . She has consistently demonstrated a willingness to serve as a cheerleader for both Spring Branch Middle students and staff. As an art teacher, she always finds time to celebrate the talent and creativity of [our] students . . .”
- Bryan J. Williams, Spring Branch Middle School Principal

“The awards her students have earned this year prove how dedicated she is to her profession and how skilled she is as a teacher to inspire such creativity in her students. Elisa’s skills of craftsmanship are highly developed, and she has an astute attention to detail. Naturally, this is passed on to her students and the projects they create.”
- Dana Johnson, Spring Branch Middle School Assistant Principal


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Taylor Ellerbrock

Taylor Ellerbrock
Memorial Middle School
6-8th Grade - Special Education, Resource English Language Arts and Co-Teacher

Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Education emphasis, May 2012

Teaching History
Memorial Middle School, Special Education, Co-Teacher and Resource English Language Arts (ELA), 2014-Present
SBISD In-Home & Parent Trainer, Special Education, 2014-Present
SBISD Achieving Positive Transition (APT) Special Education Teacher, 12th Grade Vocational Training, 2013-2014
Jane Long Middle School, Bryan ISD, Special Education, Co-Teacher and Resource English Language Arts (ELA), 2012-2013

Total Years in Education - 3 years

In her own words . . .

“It is imperative to develop and foster relationships with the students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff to work together to make a difference in each student’s life. It takes teamwork, collaboration and positivity in order to reach students and bring them to a place of safe and enriched learning.”

In the words of others . . .

“The quality of Taylor’s instruction is exceptional. She uses a variety of creative, innovative strategies that keep her students engaged, focused and motivated. . . . She works tirelessly to break learning roadblocks for students struggling to meet every day academic rigor.”
- Dave Parker, Memorial Middle School Principal

“There are days that I go to her room for the positive feeling Taylor reflects onto others. I am honest in saying that she can ‘turn a gray sky to blue’ with a simple positive gesture, a sweet smile and a loving attitude.”
- Connie Springs, AIM Mentor Teacher, Memorial Middle School


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Karl Poetzl

Karl Poetzl
Stratford High School
9-12th Grade - Geometry Pre-AP/AP Statistics Teacher

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winona, Minn., Special Education Certification
Beloit College, Beloit, Wis., Bachelor of Arts in Math and Anthropology, 1996
Certifications: Special Education (Ages 10-21), Cognitive Disabilities (Ages 10-21), Special Education (Early Childhood-12th Grade), Mathematics (Grades 4-12), Science (Grades 4-8)

Teaching History
Stratford High School, Geometry Pre-AP/AP Statistics, 2011-Present and Math and Computer Literacy, 1997-2001
School District of Beloit, Beloit, Wis., Biology and Math, 2002-2010
Beloit College Athletic Dept., Cross County and Track & Field, Assistant Coach
Beloit College Help Yourself Program, Beloit, Wis., 2006-2008

Total Years in Education - 17 years

In his own words . . .

“My favorite thing to do in class is to walk into the wall. Most of my students are unfamiliar with Zeno’s Paradox and the moment a student brings up the infinite or the possibility of dividing by zero, I give a quick discussion on the infinite halves that exist between me and the wall – and get the kids to agree that walking an infinite amount of anything is completely impossible – and then I walk into the wall. The impossible suddenly becomes possible!”

In the words of others . . .

“It is a joy to watch Karl teach and engage students with the math curriculum for many reasons. The students actively participate in their understanding of subject matter. Karl’s passion for teaching math and making connections with kids is evident the moment one walks into his classroom.”
- Jen Clouse, Art teacher, Stratford High School

“Mr. Poetzl convinced me that it wasn’t an option to give up anymore. It’s never an option to give up. A subject that I thought I could never love, nor never understand, has blossomed into one of my favorites.”
- Abby White, former Stratford High student and current Texas Tech University student

“The quality that I admire most in Karl is his inquisitive and adventurous nature. He always has his eyes open to the world around him and possesses a constant, unique sense of wonder. This openness and keen interest in people and phenomena leads to the development of a wonderful rapport with students and colleagues.”
“The quality that I admire most in Karl is his inquisitive and adventurous nature. He always has his eyes open to the world around him and possesses a constant, unique sense of wonder. This openness and keen interest in people and phenomena leads to the development of a wonderful rapport with students and colleagues.”
-- Thomas Owenby, Beloit College Dept. of Education and Youth Studies


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Jeanette Choy

Jeanette Choy
Nottingham Elementary
4th Grade - Language Arts/Social Studies

University of Houston, Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, 2003
University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2000

Teaching History
Nottingham Elementary, 4th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies, 2013-Present
Terrace Elementary, 2nd & 4th Grade English as a Second Language (ESL), Self-Contained, 2003-2013

Total Years in Education - 12 years

In her own words . . .

“Many students don’t walk into fourth grade loving to write. I love seeing how students grow into readers and writers throughout the year.”

In the words of others . . .

“Jeanette is a master teacher with amazing instincts about how to make the children in her classroom feel successful. The students in Jeanette’s class enjoy and grow from the authentic reading and writing experiences she creates for them.”
- Nancy Lancaster, Interdisciplinary Coach, Nottingham Elementary

“Ms. Choy has a calling in her life, and that calling is teaching. She teaches her students to strive for excellence, to love reading, and to respect each other; and she teaches all of us – her colleagues – to give our best for our students, to wear a smile, to have faith, and to remember that the storms of life can often produce beautiful rainbows and new growth.”-- Sarah Chu, 4th Grade Teacher, Nottingham Elementary


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Tracey Tomaro-McCall

Tracey Tomaro-McCall
Meadow Wood Elementary
5th Grade - Mathematics

University of Houston, Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Teaching History
Meadow Wood Elementary, 5th Grade Mathematics, 2012-Present
Cedar Brook Elementary, 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher and Interventionist; 1st Grade Teacher, 2001-2012
Cornelius Elementary, 1995-2001

Total Years in Education - 19 years

In her own words . . .

“As an educator, I want to instill the love of learning in all my students. I do this by engaging them in their learning and addressing their various learning styles. I encourage them when they struggle, and model my passion for math through excitement when teaching it.”

In the words of others . . .

“It is obvious to any observer who enters Tracey’s classroom to see that Tracey has planned insightful and engaging lessons for her students to help them access new material. She tirelessly works with students in small groups to provide more intimate instruction for each of her students. Her students feel safe and willing to take risks in their learning because Tracey is there to greet them with a smile and encouraging words.”
- Alice Dunlap, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Spring Forest Middle

“Tracey truly, truly, truly cares about her students and their success. She goes the extra 10 miles to help them feel and be successful. My daughter grew leaps and bounds at Cedar Brook Elementary under her tutelage. Tracey feels satisfied when all of her students feel confident and love Math.”
- Maureen Uncles, Lead iCoach and Parent, Elementary Language Arts


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Sara Huffman

Sara Huffman
Hunters Creek Elementary
5th Grade - Language Arts/Social Studies

Region IV Education Center, Texas Teacher Certification, Early Childhood to 6th Grade
University of North Texas, Masters in Library Science
Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science in Health
Certifications: English as a Second Language

Teaching History
Hunters Creek Elementary, 5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies, 2014-Present
Teaching Assistant, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, January to June, 2011

Total Years in Education - 3 years

In her own words . . .

“My teaching style is a collection of contrasts, which is a direct reflection of my personality: fierce and gentle, animated yet subtle, demanding but supportive, broad and focused, and always exercised with very high expectations for respect, effort, manners, love and empathy.”


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Susana Trevino

Susana Trevino
Housman Elementary
3rd Grade - Bilingual Teacher

University of Houston, Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Houston Community College, 1995-97
Certifications: Elementary Self-Contained, Elementary Spanish (Bilingual), Gifted and Talented

Teaching History
Housman Elementary, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Bilingual, 2000-Present

Total Years in Education - 15 years

In her own words . . .

“As an educator, it is my desire to instill in children both the importance and love for learning. I believe every child is a unique individual who can grow to become successful in their own special way regardless of social economic status, race or religion. My vision is to help bilingual children discover who they are and become independent learners so they can reach their highest potential.”

In the words of others . . .

“Mrs. Trevino seems to manage it all! She manages to consistently teach her third-grade students to read, write and think for themselves year after year, which we all know is not an easy feat. She is the liaison between school and home, and makes sure to establish a well-connected relationship fully understanding that this strong connection can make all the difference in the world!”
-- Mary Lou Davalos, Housman Elementary Principal

“She is an amazing teacher that creates an incredible learning environment in her classroom where students feel loved, safe and respected. As her teammate, I have witnessed first-hand, year after year, how students respond to her.”
-- Alejandro Romo, Housman Elementary 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Kari Heitman

Kari Heitman
Hollibrook Elementary
Prekindergarten to 5th Grade - Librarian

University of North Texas, Masters of Library Science
University of Portland, Masters in Educational Leadership
LeTourneau University, Bachelor of Arts in History
Certifications: Administrator, Houston Baptist University

Teaching History
Hollibrook Elementary, Librarian, 2013-Present
Spring Wood High, Summer 2014
Memorial High School, 9th and 10th Grades, Pre-AP English, 2012-13
Fort Bend Academy for the Gifted, 7th-8th Grade, Pre-AP English/U.S. History, 2008-12
Quail Valley Middle School, 7th Grade, English Language Arts, 2006-08
Fort Bend Baptist Academy, Assistant Principal and 10th Grade, World Literature, 2000-06
Sedgewick Junior High, Port Orchard, Wash., 7th-9th Grade, 1998-2000
Cedar Heights Junior High, Port Orchard, Wash., 7th-9th Grade, 1997-98
Foster Middle School, Longview, TX,  8th Grade, 1996-97

Total Years in Education - 19 ½ years

In her own words . . .

“One of the most inspiring and motivating aspects of being a teacher-librarian is not actually what I do, but what I get to see happening every day. It’s seeing kids recommend books to each other, seeing faces light up when they come in and tell me about the book they just read, or watching kids get excited when you read a book aloud or ‘book talk’ new books. The greatest challenge and gift for me is to help find books and resources that excite and engage each and every student.”

In the words of others . . .

“Ms. Heitman has initiated many new ideas into our library over the last two years, all for the benefit of our students. She has opened her library before school so that students can use the library and its many resources when they get to school. In previous years, the time before school was downtime. She has now made this time for the students to be engaged in learning.”
- Mary Tavares, Hollibrook Elementary art teacher

“Mrs. Heitman continually goes out of her way to accommodate others, whether it is creating a new assignment, staying late and giving her own time to help others, or helping our school and students stay connected to the fast, and forever changing world of technology.”
- Lisa White, Hollibrook Elementary Intervention Specialist


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Rony Reyes-Torres

Rony Reyes Torres
Academy of Choice
Grades 9-12 - Biology, Environmental Systems, Anatomy and Physiology

University of Houston, Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and minor in Secondary Education, 2014
Houston Community College, 2010
Lone Star College, Cy-Fair Campus, Cypress, 2008-2011

Teaching History
SBISD Academy of Choice, 2014-Present
Stratford High School, Student Teacher, 2013-14

Total Years in Education - 1 year

In his own words . . .

“I believe education is about being creative, innovative and full of ideas that will captivate and encourage students to learn. These ideas must be full of life and color but without limitations. Education is the door to success, and the road should be fun and exciting. This is the reason why I have been inspired and motivated to teach science.”

In the words of others . . .

“Mr. Reyes is among the most creative and innovative students I have taught in the teachHouston math science teacher education program. Even as an undergraduate, his lessons were always innovative, student-centered and inductive. . . . Rony is the rare novice teacher who, from the first day, knew what teaching was about. The world is a better place because he is a teacher in it.”
- Ruth Kravetz, Clinical Associate Professor, UH teachHOUSTON

“Mr. Reyes is genuine in his interaction with Academy of Choice students because of the struggles he endured to become a teacher. He was not able to rely on his own parents and was raised by his grandmother, who passed away only a few years ago. He did not speak English growing up in Central America, but had absolute resolve to learn it as quickly as possible when he arrived in the United States.”
- Joyce Roberta “JR” Miller-Alper, Ed.S., Academy of Choice instructor and former SBISD and Texas Teacher of the Year


Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Jaime Trigo

Jaime Trigo
Landrum Middle School
Grades 5-8 - Choir Teacher and Director

Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Bachelor of Arts in Music, Magna cum Laude, 1997
University of Texas at Austin, 1985-89

Teaching History
Landrum Middle School, 2009-Present
Gregory-Portland Junior High, Gregory-Portland ISD, 2006-09
High School and Junior High, San Diego ISD, Texas, 1997-2006

Total Years in Education - 18 years

In his own words . . .

“I really believe Whitney Houston had it right (although I argue she wasn’t the first to say this!): 'Children ARE the future'. We have an awesome responsibility to lead our children down the pathway of success so that they may be solid, productive citizens in our society. After 18 years of teaching, I absolutely take that responsibility very seriously. I know that everything that teachers say and do can influence our youth – so you better make it count!”

In the words of others . . .

“Mr. Trigo does not just perform a normal concert. His evenings are an experience. Students are genuinely excited about displaying a powerful performance for the audience. Mr. Trigo is the heart of the excitement when you experience his concerts. His students are excited to produce a quality evening that wows the audience.”
- Brian Schillingburg, Landrum Middle Assistant Principal

“Jaime demonstrates the qualities of a master teacher. He understands that a one-size-fits-all delivery system does not work best for diverse student populations. Mr. Trigo, while planning for learning, differentiates his lessons to address all of his students’ academic, cultural and emotional needs.”
- Steven Speyrer, Landrum Middle/Ridgecrest Elementary Associate Principal

“The choirs at Landrum Middle School have been showcased at numerous events this year. They have received rave reveiws. [Due to] Mr. Trigo’s teaching excellence, students at Landrum love to perform, and do so at a high level of expertise. ”
- Patricia Thomas, Landrum Middle Principal


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Lou Ann Timmreck

Lou Ann Timmreck
Rummel Creek Elementary
Kindergarten - English as a Second Language (ESL)/Gifted & Talented (GT), Self-Contained

The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development with High Honors, 1992

Teaching History
Rummel Creek Elementary, 2008-Present
Bunker Hill Elementary After School Program, 2000-2002
Rummel Creek Elementary, 1999-2000
Bunker Hill Elementary, 1992-1999

In her own words . . .

“What inspires me each day are my students! Each one of them has a unique personality. It is my job to love each child and to spark their quest for a lifetime of learning.”

In the words of others . . .

“As the principal at Rummel Creek, I often observe in her classroom. Each time, I find myself staying longer than I plan because I get caught up in the excitement for learning that Lou Ann creates. When any teacher asks to see another teacher that they might learn from, without reservation I recommend they visit Lou Ann’s class.”
- Nancy Harn, Rummel Creek Elementary Principal

“She is intelligent, kind and most of all, very giving of her time, energy and love! Her face is always smiling, as there is no wrong in her book. She humbly holds out her hands and walks with you as you enter her kindergarten room, and continues that relationship for life! Hands down, she is one of the greatest educators I know!”
- Theresa Schwab-Trevino, Rummel Creek teacher and recent SBISD Teacher of the Year

“Mrs. Timmreck believed in me and helped me take bold steps to work hard and prove that children with learning disabilities could be normal, well-adjusted students and grow to be well-adjusted adults. Mrs. Timmreck gave me the courage I needed at a very critical time in my life.”
- Elizabeth Grace Harvey, former student and 2013 Baylor University graduate


Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Anne Smalling

Anne Smalling
Memorial Drive Elementary
4th Grade - Self-Contained

University of Houston-Downtown, Alternative Certification Program, 2009
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa., Bachelor of Arts in History and Russian, 2000

Teaching History
Memorial Drive Elementary, 2014-Present
Tipps Elementary, 2009-14
HEART Program, Houston, 2007-08
Berry Elementary, Houston ISD, 2007-08

Total Years in Education - 8 years

In her own words . . .

“My students are my inspiration. Teaching students how to think is motivation for me. I want to create students that aren’t afraid to question. We learn the most when we think and question, and I want my students to inspire and create change.”

In the words of others . . .

“I knew from the day we interviewed Anne that she was more than just a keeper. Before the interview even began, she and another fourth-grade teacher had become engrossed in an intense conversation about teaching and learning. To this day, they have not stopped!”
- Margie Moerbe, Interdisciplinary Instructional Coach

“After just a few short months, Ms. Smalling has made a lasting difference at Memorial Drive Elementary. She has eagerly volunteered to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities, including attending conferences, trying new practices in her classroom, implementing meaningful use of technology, and becoming the school’s science representative. Ms. Smalling has inspired others to step up their professional learning through her examples and support.”
- Jennnifer Jordan, Memorial Drive Elementary Principal


Spring Branch ISD