Campus Secondary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Leslie Iler

Leslie Iler
Memorial High School
10th Grade - Language Arts II, Pre-AP Language Arts II

Rice University, Advanced Placement Institute, 2012
NEH Program for Multicultural Literacy, Summers 1993, 1994
Baylor University, Bachelor of Science in Education with concentration in English and Journalism, 1990
Certifications: Gifted & Talented

Teaching History
Memorial High School, 2012-Present and 1995-97
Jersey Village High School, 1991-94
Stafford High School, 1990-91

Total Years in Education - 9 years

In her own words . . .

“What inspires me most about teaching are my students. I love meeting 157 new people every year and inspiring them to do their personal best. There is no greater joy than helping another person reach higher than they have before. It’s incredible to see their ‘Aha!’ moments. It’s challenging to discover their strengths and reveal their strengths to them.”

In the words of others . . .

“Leslie Iler exemplifies the characteristics of a born teacher: innovative, enterprising, flexible, engineering, dedicated, logical, sincere, concerned and courageous. . . . Leslie displays a genuine concern for her students not only to master the content of her class, but also to succeed and grow personally.”
- Karie Culbertson, Memorial High Counselor

“I was a student who never had much interest in literature, and I was never eager to learn about it. However, when I entered my sophomore year with Mrs. Iler as my English teacher, that mindset changed. She taught literature as if it was the most exciting and interesting subject to talk about. She knew how to grasp every student’s attention and heart.”
- Johanna Cho, former student

“At Memorial High, Leslie is known for her eagerness and enthusiasm. Her administrators and fellow teachers know that they can count on her support for any endeavor. In fact, the first words out of Leslie’s mouth are ‘Yes!’, ‘That’s a great idea!’, and ‘How can I help?’”
- Laura Kohlmaier, Memorial High English teacher


Spring Branch ISD