Campus Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year - Patricia Kassir

Patricia Kassir
The Bendwood School

3rd-5th Grade - Gifted & Talented

University of St. Thomas, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership
University of Houston, Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
Certifications: Spanish, French, Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language, Gifted & Talented, Principal (Anticipated 2016)

Teaching History
The Bendwood School, 2004-Present
Pine Shadows Elementary, 2002-04
Raul C. Martinez Elementary, Houston ISD, 1998-2002 and 1995-96
Al-Iman Islamic School, Tripoli, Lebanon, 1996-98
Gallegos Elementary, Houston ISD, 1992-95

Total Years in Education - 23 years

In her own words . . .

“I work to challenge my students to push beyond their intellectual limits. This is done through lessons that keep rigor and challenge as a high priority. It is our responsibility to ensure that [students] develop a healthy work ethic and that their intellectual and emotional needs are met. Our nation’s well-being and economic strength depend on it.”

In the words of others . . .

“Mrs. Kassir teaches a cross-section of the children from the District, including the children of parents who hold professional degrees and children of parents who speak no English. She is able to stimulate the minds of all these children and instill in them a love of learning and an appreciation of science.”
- Parent and Attorney-at-Law Ann Ryan Robertson

“Whenever I visit Mrs. Kassir’s classroom, every single student is engaged in meaningful lesson activities. The discussions, debates, dissections and demonstrations that take place on a regular basis in her classroom help her students to experience learning on many levels. She has an uncanny ability to tell the best stories, always weaving history with science. When she tells stories, her students are mesmerized. There is a buzzing energy in her room, and it is contagious.”
- The Bendwood School Principal Jana Bassett

“Mrs. Kassir’s  passion for education affects her students in many positive ways. They leave each day with a desire to explore topics further and have dreams about their future careers. Undoubtedly, some of those children will become future medical professionals, engineers, scientists, lawyers, writers and professors!”
- The Bendwood School teacher Brooke Christopherson

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  1. Ms. Kassir is one of the most amazing educators I have ever met. Her incite on education, child- upbringing and examples of life are mesmerizing. We are watching a future superintendent here!!


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